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The Wandsworth Y6 Best Cricket competition will be held at Spencer Cricket Club with the best place state school team going on to represent the borough in the Y6 Best Surrey School Cricket finals on 29th June 2022.

Primary Schools Cricket: RULE CHANGES 

Kwik Cricket has been renamed to Dynamos Schools Cricket (Rules attached). The game is basically the same, but there have been a few improvements/changes:

Each team starts at 0 and counts up their runs scored.

Each time a wicket is taken (a batter is given out) the bowling side is awarded 5 runs.

A batting tee/cone is placed near to the batter, and a ‘free hit’ using this is given when necessary (an unplayable ball is bowled).

Balls are counted down from 40 balls per team to 0 balls.

Plastic or wooden bats can be used.