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We are working with Joanna Risolino, Head of Dance at Southfields Academy and Fiona Sutherland from AFC Wimbledon Foundation to run a Wandsworth Big Dance event . The aim is to get as many Wandsworth children performing a dance routine as possible on Thursday 11th February.

Schools will be sent a video of a dance, choreographed and performed by Jo or Fabian from AFC Wimbledon during the week commencing 18th Jan 2021.

Primary Dance Tutorial with Fabienne from B.A.E.T Education on behalf of AFC Wimbledon: Let’s Dance 2021 - Rockin’ Robin -Primary Schools on Vimeo

Secondary Dance tutorial with Jo Risolino from Southfields Academy Let’s Dance 2021 -Keep Your Head Up Tutorial on Vimeo

Schools to use the guidance video to create their own version of the routine with their students. 

Let's Dance Day One – Thursday 11th February – encourage as many children as possible to learn the  dance at home or in school.    

Schools to send in a video version of the dance to Nick Miller during the Thursday 11th Feb·         

All submitted dances to be made into a highlights collage video to be shared with schools and on social media

Please attached the Let's Dance 2021 Guidance pack for Teachers!

Keep on Dancing!